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So, this post is a little bit strange.  Normally I try to put together family trees that go as far back as I can possibly trace.  In this case, I’m coming at this tree a bit differently.  If you remember back to an old post on this blog, I mentioned looking for Bayard Desenberg Cowan, the mysterious, rarely-mentioned uncle of my Grandma Mirrel.  It turns out that he was arrested in 1929 for bond forgery.  Not much is known about Bayard- my grandmother refuses to mention him, and there’s little public information about him after the 1920s.  However, I refuse to give up tracing this branch of the tree and my persistence has paid off.  I’ve been able to trace his line up through his grandkids, and I’m still working.  So for now, his tree is separate from the rest of the family because of what a mystery it’s been.

I. Bayard Desenberg Cowan b. 1901, IL

m. Edith Irene Sturtevant

            A. Richard Sturtevant Cowan, b. 1925

            m. Lois Marcelia Hildreth* b. 1927, m. 12/26/1949, Los Angeles CA

                        1. Dennis Hildreth Cowen, b. 8/1950

                        2. Melissa Cowen, b. 10/14/1951

                        3. Kathleen Cowen, b. 3/7/1957


I. Ernest Lee Hildreth

m. Margaret M. Monahan

            *A. Lois Marcelia Hildreth