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To put this tree into framework:  The goal of this tree is only to display the lineage of Bessie and Joseph Tartakowsky, who I’ve bolded in the tree below.  The rest of the tree- Bessie’s parents and siblings- is just to frame the tree within the rest of the family history that I know.  Rebecca’s name is a link to a tree of her descendants; and I am working on the lineages of Phillip, Max, and Leib.  The last tree to name many of these relatives (Beril and Mochala and their children) is found in the second tree in this post, however it’s quite out of date by now.

I. Beril (Benjamin) Sosna

m. Mochala

            A. Rebecca

            B. Phillip

            C. Pessil (Bessie) 1867-1945

         m. Joseph Tartakowsky 1867-1926

                        1. Anna G.

                        m. Gilmann

                        m. Paul Holzman

                                    a. Helen

                                    m. Charles Nudelman b. 1905

                                    b. Sylvia

                                    m. Bernard “Bernie” Cohen

                                                i. Neil

                                                ii. Nancy

                                                m. Jack Lampert

                                                            I. Amy M.

                                                            II. Andrew J.

                                    c. Bernard S. d. 4/20/2012

                                    m. Ruth E. Given

                                                i. Michael

                                                m. Maria

                                                            I. Kevin

                                                            II. Patrick

                                                ii. Nancy H.

                                                m. Kevin A. Rhein

                                                            I. David R.

                                                            II. Jennifer

                                                            III. Julie E.

                                                iii. Patricia “Patty”

                                                m. John A. Rosenbaum

                                                            I. Brian

                                                            II. Sarah

                                                iv. Richard

                                                m. Jane

                                                [m. Sue Ellen Fleschman]

                                                            I. David

                                                            II. Laura

                                                v. Rob

                                                m. Renee Kastar

                                                            I. Alex

                                                            II. Olivia

            D. Max

            E. Leib



I’m putting this up to share the information I have, but this family tree is the one that I am currently looking more in depth into. I will be updating this page as I learn more about this branch of my family. If you know anything about the FRIEDLANDER or SKIBELL surnames, please get in touch!

I. Louis Cohn (b. Russia; d. 1930) – had 2 sisters
m. Rebecca (b. 1863, Russia; d. 1946) – had 1 full brother, 1 full sister, and 3 half-brothers
	A. Sarah (b. 5-12-1885; d. 7-16-1969)
	m. Samuel Schwartzmann (b. 12-24-1885; d. 12-31-1970)
		1. Florence L.
		m. Bernard (Bernie) Berger (11-22-1930)
			a. Valerie Michelle
			m. Lee (Leon) Feldman (3-14-1956)
				i. Suzanne
		2. Adeline
		m. Lou Horwitch
			a. Mel
			m. Sally Schwager
				i. Greg
				ii. Adam
			b. Richard
			m. Rachel
				i. Mark
				m. Wendy
				ii. David
				m. Laura Pekay
					A. Maya
					B. Lacey Bria (d. 2013)
					C. Jenna
		3. Helen (b. 5-12-1907, IL; d. 12-4-1988, Norwalk, CT)
		m. Meyer J Weinstein (6-10-1930) (d. 10-30-1985, Cook County, IL)
			a. Laurence (b. 1933)
			m. Mirrel Davis (6-10-1959) (b. 1935)
				i. Michael Alan (b. 1960)
				m. Robin Paley (b. 1960)
					3 daughters
				ii. Elizabeth (b. 1963)
				m. Richard Ross
					2 daughters
				iii. David Edward (b. 1965)
				m. Donna Katz
	B. Dave (b. 1890, Rock Island, IL)
	m. Molly (since divorced) (b. St. Louis)
		1. Naomi
		2. Merle
		3. Harold
	m. Rose Barth
		1. Shirley Jean (b. 1-24-1927; d. 1-5-2001, Naples, FL)
		m. Sydney Librach (b. 8-29-1926; d. 7-2-2005)
			a. Richard (b. 1955)
			m. Cheryl (b. 1960)
				i. Jennifer
				ii. Sarah (b. 1984)
				iii. Daniel
				iv. Rachael
			b. Jeff
			m. Nan Twin
				i. Jonathan
	C. Milton (b. 1892, Rock Island, IL)
	m. Rose
		1. Raymond (b. 5-30-1915)
		m. Sylvia Zanville (6-26-1938, Cabell County, WV) (b. 2-7-1918; d. 12-14-2011)
			a. Elaine
			m. Gerald Friedlander
				a. Mark
				b. Lauren
				c. Stephen
			m. Irwin Skibell
			b. Helen
			m. John “Johnny” Plous
				1. Amy
				m. Paul Bornstein
					a. Becca
				2. Robin
				m. Lapins
					a. Abby
					b. Rachel
				m. Brian Udany (+ stepson Mason)
		2. Shirley (d.)
		m. Dick Tolpin (d.)
			a. Danny
			m. Darlin
				i. Kati
				m. Mason B. Green (6-10-2006)
					A. Emily Rachel
				ii. Adam
				m. Caitlin Holloway (9-9-2012)
			b. Richard
			m. Sheilah
		3. Marilyn (d.)
		m. Kenny Davidson (d.)
			a. Neil (b. 1952)
			b. Patti (b. 1957)
			c. Cliff (b. 1958)
		4. Lester (b. ~1920)
	D. Meyer (b. 1895, Rock Island, IL; d. 1921)
	m. Harriet (Hattie) Press (1915) (b. ~1892, Sedalia, MO)
		1. George
		m. Fritzi Robinson
	E. Louis G (b. 1896, Rock Island, IL; d. 1962)
	m. Sarah (b. ~1898)
		1. Howard H
		2. Mayer L
		3. Delores
		4. Betty L
		m. Jordan Brown (2-20-1945) (b. 6-13-1924, Providence, RI)
			a. Randee Faye (b. 10-24-1947, New Orleans, LA)
			m. Myron H Jacobs
				i. Kim Lisa (b. 1965)
				ii. Shana Lynn (b. 1970)
				iii. Jennifer Lauren (b. 1973)
			b. Debra Kaye (b. 1951)
			m. Leonard Grossman
			m. husband 2 (8-22-1973)
			c. Janette Sue (b. 1-1-1955, New Orleans, LA)
			m. James Brown, Jr. (6-9-1979)
				i. Rachell Suzanne (b. 1980)
				ii. David Edward (b. 1982)
				iii. Kevin Aaron (b. 1982)
	F. Benjamin F (b. ~1901)
	m. Jeannette Freund (b. ~1909)
		1. Louis (b. 10-6-1930)