Postcards from the past

My dad unearthed a bag of old postcards while I was home over winter break.  Most of them are addressed to David Davis, Joseph Davis, and the “Titusville Aunts” (a number of the Davis siblings who never married, **more info coming).  I’m posting the pictures of some of them up here for public access.  This is not all of the postcards, just the ones I got pictures of, and one of my projects for this year is to identify the people who mailed the postcards and other people who are mentioned in the notes.  Anyone who recognizes any info on the postcards, please comment or e-mail me!!

These are my primary questions related to this set of postcards:

  1. Who is Uncle Block?
  2. Who are Cousin Ben and Cousin Gertrude?
  3. Who is S. E. Davis?

wpid-20131228_115212.jpg wpid-20131228_115222.jpg wpid-20131228_115241.jpg wpid-20131228_115259.jpg wpid-20131228_115316.jpg wpid-20131228_115325.jpg wpid-20131228_115340.jpg wpid-20131228_115349.jpg wpid-20131228_115409.jpg wpid-20131228_115804.jpg wpid-20131228_115925.jpg wpid-20131228_115939.jpg wpid-20131228_120122.jpg wpid-20131228_120128.jpg wpid-20131228_120140.jpg wpid-20131228_120202.jpg wpid-20131228_120219.jpg wpid-20131228_120235.jpg wpid-20131228_120247.jpg wpid-20131228_120331.jpg wpid-20131228_120427.jpg wpid-20131228_120432.jpg wpid-20131228_120521.jpg wpid-20131228_120529.jpg wpid-20131228_120612.jpg

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  1. Bob rRothenberg said:

    Very interesting .

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