Genealogy Club

So I’ve been looking for things to do in the community now that I’m getting into the swing of things in Pittsburgh, and a few weeks ago I found a genealogy club that meets at the library just down the street from my apartment!  It’s a good group of people and it’s small, which means we all get to talk every week.  For being a small group- only ~6 people, depending on the week- a lot of us are researching similar genealogy backgrounds.  There are a few people of African American descent who share similar difficulties in finding information, as do me and the other people researching Jewish genealogy.  It’s  been good to have people who understand my genealogy “crazy speak” when I talk about my third cousin once removed-in-law 😉  As much as my family is interested in what I’m saying, sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly how specific people are related and why they should care.  Everyone in the club just wants to talk about genealogy!  Also, everyone is going about their research in different ways, so it’s both interesting and helpful to hear about different ways to find information.  I’ve quickly become the “social media” person so in a few weeks I’ll be giving a presentation on how to use social media to do genealogy research.  (Hint- It works!)  I’ll post my presentation on here once it’s finished, too, because I think it’s a useful avenue that a lot of people don’t go down.

If you live in Pittsburgh, the Squirrel Hill Genealogy Club meets Sundays at 3:00 at the Squirrel Hill Library!  Email for more information.  (Not my account- I’m just a member, but the group is great!)


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