The most exciting moment!

Edit 7-11-13:  Got a clearer print of the news article; updated my transcript.

I will post about some of the cool genealogy things I found on my Chicago trip later on… it’s really too late to be writing now but I’ve found something quite exciting that I just don’t wait to wait to share!

I’ve been searching for Bayard Desenberg Cowen, the mysterious brother to my great-grandma Liz, who, until about 15 minutes ago, I was only able to trace until 1922.  After then, he seems to just disappear.

Well, not any more!

I’ve found a newspaper article from Iowa that depicts his arrest there in 1929 for forgery.

To be honest, I expected that I would find something along those lines once it became apparent to me how difficult he was to trace compared to every other relative I’m researching.  What probably threw me off from finding this sooner, aside from the fact that this article seems to be in just one place online, is that based on the known family history, I’ve never had a reason to be researching Iowa!  Just shows what searching on a whim can turn up…

Below I’ve pasted a transcript of the article, followed by the link to the site I found it on.

Mason City Globe-Gazette “North Iowa’s Daily Paper Edited for the Home”

Vol. XXXVI, No. 10

Mason City, Iowa

Monday, October 21, 1929

Cowan Pleads Guilty at C.R.

Bayard Cowan to Be Sentenced on Forgery Charge.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Oct. 21 (AP) – Bayard D. Cowan, 29, bond salesman arrested here on Oct. 12 charged with defrauding bankers in this section of the state, today pleaded guilty to three counts for uttering forged instruments before Judge John T. Moffitt in district court.  He will be sentenced tomorrow.

Cowan may be sentenced to 15 years in each count.

It was charged he organized fake companies under the laws of Delaware, and disposed of their bonds to banks in this section, including two in Cedar Rapids.  He sold the bonds only to bankers whose friendship he had gained when he was a salesman for a bond company.

Cowan owned two airplanes, several automobiles, and was known as a liberal spender.

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