Meeting Names

One of the coolest things, that I’ve only been able to experience recently, is actually making contact with people you come across as a name on paper in the process of doing this genealogy research.  Of course I know my siblings, first cousins, aunts/uncles, and grandparents- they don’t count for this, even though they’re included on the tree.  I’m talking about finding relatives you didn’t even know existed, down a branch of the family tree that nobody’s thought about for generations!

I recently got in touch with a man named Art Zemon.  As briefly as possible, here’s how the two of us are related:  Art’s great-uncle (by blood) was married to the niece of my great-great grandfather.  Confusing?  I completely understand!  I will be posting that portion of the family tree soon so that it’s easier to visualize the connection.

I actually came across Art’s genealogy website when trying to find out more information about the family of that niece I mentioned above.  (Her name is Amy (Cowen) Herzog.)  It turns out that Art has been very involved in researching his family’s genealogy, and we both went out just far enough on our own family trees to make this connection.  I reached out to him by e-mail, and he wrote back!  It was by far the coolest moment I’ve had so far throughout this process.  Hearing from someone who was just a name on paper?  Amazing!!  Genealogy becomes so much more worthwhile once you realize that there are people out there who you’re related to that you can contact & talk to!  I’m hoping that in the future I can continue to correspond with Art as well as find more people to get in touch with.

(Art’s website has a lot of information about the following surnames:  HERZOG, LEVY, SERBY, ZEMON.  Some of his information is replicated here- mostly the HERZOG line- but not nearly all of it.  If you’re looking for more on those lines, I suggest checking out Art’s website.)


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